meet the team

Gregg Fosgett
Managing Director

Gregg Fosgett is the Managing Director of Aerocovers. Gregg has extensive knowledge of the Aviation seating market as well as a keen eye for detail.  His experience and passion for innovation through both materials and process automation has driven ACI to become a market leader in seat covers development and production.

Frank Lopez

Frank Lopez
Production Manager

Frank Lopez is the production manager for ACI. Frank is highly experienced in lean manufacturing and is instrumental in setting up the various production cells within the facility. In addition, he is skilled in pattern making and product development and acts as a liaison between our customers’ designers and our production team.


Edgar Martinez
Sales Engineer

Edgar Martinez is the sales engineer for ACI and is responsible for interacting with our customer’s engineering/design departments and our internal teams. He’s highly organized and works closely with our engineering and production teams.


Victor Baeza
Pattern Maker

Victor Baeza is a skilled craftsman that oversees our patterning and development. He’s instrumental in the tailored-looking seat covers that ACI is known for in the industry.  Victor is experienced in working and developing products in a wide variety of materials including leather.

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