We don’t call ourselves Aerocovers for nothing. Our name says it all.  Our teams have worked hard to develop seat covers, armrests, sidewalls, and various other aircraft interior components all that are FAR 25.853 compliant and that maximize both the perceived and actual comfort of your passengers. We work closely with cabin interior designers, airlines, seating OEMs, marketing teams, and other stakeholders to ensure that each product is exactly what they’re looking for. Our goals are to maximize comfort, all while minimizing cost on every part we produce. Finally, with our experience, you can be assured that we will be able to answer any question you may have about materials, manufacturing, certification, or development. You’re welcome to join us in our Development Center to learn why we are Aerocovers. 

Seat Covers

We’ve developed and manufactured dress covers for leading airlines throughout the world. Including the “award winning” covers for the Delta One seat! Using our automated material cutting and CNC sewing cells we produce the most detailed, tailored fit dress covers for every class of service. We manufacture laminated dress covers which are our ComfortLine Series covers as well as our traditional tailored fit non-laminated dress covers called our Traditional Series. Find out today how ACI can increase passenger comfort simply by replacing your dress covers with our comfort line series.

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Vertical Surfaces

We develop and produce padded (OSU) compliant vertical surfacing panels for the airline industry. These panels are traditionally used in business/first-class pods as well as aircraft bulkheads and class dividers. We utilize a unique (OSU) compliant stack-up that allows for surfaces that can be embossed, de-bossed, textured, and thermoformed to shape. Our team works closely with aircraft interior designers as well as airline marketing departments to create these unique surfaces exactly to branding preferences. Contact us today to see how these padded surfaces can add perceived comfort value and style to your project.

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Crew Seats

This often overlooked area of seating can be easily transformed. Our “comfort-line” series of crew seat covers provide not only a tailored look to these seats but increased employee comfort while in use. In addition to the crew seat areas, ACI has also developed a series of crew rest mattresses and covers. These products are developed to provide the crew the ability to finally relax in true comfort. Find out today how you can improve the look while putting a smile on your crew’s face!

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We develop and manufacture a variety of Airline curtains, dividers, and other sewn and or padded surfaces. These components are all aerospace approved and meet FAR 25.853. Contact us for more information on this line of products.

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