Crystal Cabin Award


Although our products may change our development and manufacturing processes remain the same. We strive always to be consistent and highly focused. This results in us producing defect-free award winning products, and related sewn components for a variety of industries, including for the world’s leading airlines.

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We engage closely with our customer’s designers, marketing, and engineering departments during the beginning phase of development, working from sketches, renderings, or sometimes even just a vision. Utilizing state-of-the-art development tools, creativity, and ingenuity we bring our customer’s products to life.

Design and Development


Our engineering teams are involved both during and after product development. They develop the necessary documents utilized to manufacture each piece we produce as well as finalize and define all the necessary parameters. Finally, they hand the job off to production once they’ve evaluated the efficacy and feasibility of each product.


As industry leaders, we decided to look outside the box and turned to what the leading automotive seat cover manufacturers were utilizing for fusing or laminating fabrics, synthetics, and real leather to foams and other substrates. Once the type of equipment, materials, and methods were identified, we refined the process to work in aerospace and the results speak for themselves.

CNC Cutting and Sewing


We rely on two fully automatic CNC cutting systems for processing all materials. This method of cutting ensures that every pattern is cut accurately every time with the greatest possible material yield.  Always looking to improve, we are continuously attempting, testing, and refining cutting strategizes to increase throughput while simultaneously decreasing material waste, contributing to our internal green initiatives.


At ACI we’ve invested heavily into automation and have some of the largest CNC sewing platforms on the west coast. It’s exciting to see product running through our manufacturing cells during assembly.  Each job is reviewed by our manufacturing engineers prior to beginning production ensuring we are producing parts efficiently while maintaining the highest level of quality we are known for.